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27 July 2014

Street feasts

So seeing as Carnaby Street had its Street Eat happening last Sunday it seemed rude not to go, right?
 Tagging along with Emily, there were all sorts of delicious-looking foods to try from (you name the usual kind of street food, and it was there), but we wanted something slightly different.

That's when we came across Bunny Chow.
A South African street food, these looked light little pots of deliciousness... and we were right, they were.

I went for Monkey Gland Bunny (don't worry, it was just beef meatballs), and Emily, Ginger Chicken Bunny. Sitting in a doorway, we munched down.
The bread was delicious and freshly baked, and the filling? I could eat it all over again, and again, and again.... Well, you get the idea.

These guys hop all around London, and I'd highly check them out if you see their van!

After a wander, we accidentally (on purpose), found ourselves in front of Gelupo.
Seriously, I think I could happily eat their Blood Orange flavour all day, every day.

Wandering a bit more, Emily and I found ourselves people watching at Picadilly Circus (I'd highly recommend this on a Sunday afternoon)

And seeing as Emily was going back to Texas the next day, we needed one last selfie.

11 July 2014

Breakfastin' at Borough

Ok, so I know I've blogged about Borough Market before. But let's face it, I never pass up on an opportunity to go, see or even just read about it.

One of my favourite things to do is to go early on a Saturday morning, before the crowds have arrived for the day, snag something tasty, and sit in the church right next door. And if the morning is beautiful and sunny, all the more better!

There's something interesting about the market with so little people in it. Apart from the fact you don't have to elbow people to be able to look at the food, I also find you tend to smell a lot more (weird I know). Especially as they're just setting up for the day.
 After a slightly unusual breakfast we strolled across Tower Bridge soaking in the sun and dodging the tourists who were emerging to explore for the day.
 This kind of Saturday morning has become a staple for me to do when I've got a lazy weekend in front of me. Although the getting up early is sometimes a bit of hassle (especially after a few drinks on a Friday night!), I find it invigorates me for the weekend ahead.

Have you got any weekend routines that you love to do?

7 July 2014

Holi Festival take two

You might remember I posted about the Holi Festival last year, as one of my very first blog posts.

And this year I decided to do it all over again. I mean, chucking paint at one another? Who would pass that opportunity up?

This year it descended on Queen Elizabeth Park which was part of the former Olympic Village, following everyone like ants from Westfield shopping centre, we knew we had to get a 'before' pic to show off how sparkly clean we all were.
 Heading straight for the food stalls (and then the bar), we settled down to wait fore the first countdown when disaster stuck with the rain.
 Looks like I got the dud 'rain proof' jacket!
 With soggy hair and a soggy pizza (just so you know, rain soaked pizza does not taste good), we luckily only had a few sprinklings of rain for the rest of the day, and even a bit of sun!

And now on to the fun part... The paint!
Thanks to Charlie for the above and below!
The powder got everywhere, and I mean everywhere... This bag was a dark navy.
We spent the day raving (does anyone still use that word?), to sets from Bombay Boogie Soundsystem and Zane Lowe. With countdowns for throwing the paint every hour.

It's fun, furious and a little exhausting! But if you ever have the chance to go to one, I'd highly recommend it.

Plus, wouldn't you like to look like this at the end of it?!

This particular festival goes all over the world - I'd really recommend following their Instagram for some amazing photos and videos. Compared to last year, it really feels as though they've upped their game and become much more professional with it. Annoyed you missed it this time? Don't worry they'll be back in London next year!

Have you ever been to one?

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