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21 August 2014


A few weeks ago I headed out for my first ever trip to the Emerald Isle (is it corny to call it that?).

I was excited, everyone whom I knew had gone before all said how fantastic it was, and that every single person over there were some of the most welcoming people they'd ever met.

And it didn't disappoint.

Staying in an airbnb place that was as brilliant as they come, we soon set out to make the most of our long weekend.

However there was a slight snag, one that I am slightly ashamed to admit I forgot about when booking... It was the weekend of the marches.

Of course I had seen these growing up, and upon realising what weekend it was, we were slightly apprehensive.

But boy were we proved wrong.
It's good luck to kiss the fish, so it seemed rude not to, no?
And the food? Well what can I say? No weekend is complete without indulging on food, and Belfast's Cathedral Quarter proved to be a fantastic place to eat and drink.
Admittedly, I was a very bad blogger, and used the weekend to relax, rather than take photos, but I hope this gives a flavour of what Belfast has to offer.

Despite the weekend that we were there on, everyone was welcoming, friendly, and more helpful than I have ever known people to be.

Although it's obvious in parts of the city that division still remains, the people there could not be further from this stark reality. I don't know enough to comment on what's happening there, nor do I have the place to I feel. But Belfast I think is a city that is beginning to come into its own.

Despite the fact that the locals had deserted much of the city centre for the weekend, the tourists hadn't, and I hope this is a sign that people want to be there, and feel safe being there too.

18 August 2014

One year on

Okay, okay, so I know I've haven't been the best blogger recently, but my blog has just turned one!

And I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who I've met/blogged with/read blogs of, you've all made a huge difference to my life, and I really have loved every second of getting to know you all.

Here's to the up and coming year (and hopefully I get a bit better at the work/blog balance)!

Emma x

27 July 2014

Street feasts

So seeing as Carnaby Street had its Street Eat happening last Sunday it seemed rude not to go, right?
 Tagging along with Emily, there were all sorts of delicious-looking foods to try from (you name the usual kind of street food, and it was there), but we wanted something slightly different.

That's when we came across Bunny Chow.
A South African street food, these looked light little pots of deliciousness... and we were right, they were.

I went for Monkey Gland Bunny (don't worry, it was just beef meatballs), and Emily, Ginger Chicken Bunny. Sitting in a doorway, we munched down.
The bread was delicious and freshly baked, and the filling? I could eat it all over again, and again, and again.... Well, you get the idea.

These guys hop all around London, and I'd highly check them out if you see their van!

After a wander, we accidentally (on purpose), found ourselves in front of Gelupo.
Seriously, I think I could happily eat their Blood Orange flavour all day, every day.

Wandering a bit more, Emily and I found ourselves people watching at Picadilly Circus (I'd highly recommend this on a Sunday afternoon)

And seeing as Emily was going back to Texas the next day, we needed one last selfie.

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