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13 November 2014

Burgers galore

I promised you a post on Hertford House Hotel burgers, and by goodness, I am delivering.

Fair warning now: do not read if you haven't had lunch yet.

As I mentioned in my brunch post, this place is a little out of London, but worth the journey. Upstairs is a boutique hotel and downstairs is a bar that serves one of the best burgers I've ever tried. Decked out in an up-to-date twist on the classic diner style, it also has one of my favourite slogans a restaurant could possibly have...
 In case you just can't quite see it, it's 'eat burgers, get fat, be awesome'.

That's the best philosophy, right?

As you sit down, fresh popcorn is brought to your table whilst you peruse their menu, and try to make the difficult decision on what you want to eat.
First up, neither of us could resist their chicken wings.

Sweet, sticky and so moreish that we were tempted to order another basket; I don't think any other wings could, no will, top these bad boys...
Seeing as it was 'burger night' I went for the 'Zidane' burger, and M the 'Peter Beardsley' (the burger menu was named for the world cup).

Once again, I'm really sorry if you haven't eaten yet...
The chicken in mine was crispy and succulent, with the hot sauce giving it the perfect kick, plus I loved the fact it was already sliced in half - so much easier to stuff my face that way.

My only gripe, and I seriously mean only, was that it wasn't stated that there is coriander in there too. And not being a fan of the stuff, I had to pick it out. But the burger was worth it.
And M? Well I didn't hear anything out of him for the entire meal, so I take it as a good sign.

At £10 for a drink and burger with sides, this is an absolute bargain for the quality. Plus, I want to give another huge shout out to their staff - every time I've been they've been brilliant, and it always makes a big difference to the meal and atmosphere I find.

Have you found anywhere recently that does good burgers?

9 November 2014

Farewell, Vancouver

And this is the very last of my Vancouver posts. Woefully late I know.

The final day, Charlotte was leaving at 7pm for her flight, whilst mine was the next morning, so we decided to pack in as much shopping as possible.

But first: Breakfast.

A short walk from our hotel, we had been recommended to go to the Twisted Fork Bistro, and with reviews such as 'get there early to avoid the long queue' being their main complaint on Google, we thought we'd check it out to start off our day of shopping right.

I'm warning you now, if you haven't eaten you might hate me slightly after the below pics.

I went for Eggs Benny with toasted brioche, poached eggs, hollandaise and served with sauteed spinach, rosti and baked beans with ham, and Charlotte, banana stuffed brioche French Toast sprinkled with cinnamon icing sugar, topped with vanilla whipped cream.

And I don't think either of us were ready for the monstrosities that came out.
This doesn't quite to justice to the size of the brioche I was served.
 Have you ever seen French Toast so thick?!
 Oversized usually means undertaste (or something that's more witty), but this place obviously knew how to do big and tasty fantastically.

And I truly mean that - it really was the best breakfast, no meal, I had in Canada, and it was up against stiff competition. And if I ever find myself in Vancouver again, this place will be my first stop.

Well and truly stuffed, we rolled out of there ready to take on shopping.

Now I wouldn't bore you with photos of that, so instead after Charlotte left to catch her flight, I went for a stroll around to catch Vancouver as the sun set.
Walking around I was incredibly sad at having to leave this beautiful city in a few short hours.

Vancouver, you really won me over.

6 November 2014

Avoiding bears on the road to Whistler

For our second day in Vancouver, we decided to hire a car and take a roadtrip up to Whistler.

The weather wasn't brilliant - raining, overcast and misty. But it was our only full day, and well, when would I next get the chance?

Driving our way out the city, I saw my very first bendy road! A weird observation I know, but in Canada where I had only seen straight roads, this was a very momentous occasion!
Charlotte modelling our car...

We stopped off here and there along the way, nervously (on my part) trying to ignore the 'watch out for bears' signs dotted about at stop offs.

But the scenery was spectacular, and more beautiful then I ever expected.
 We also saw some very Canadian graffiti.
Getting up to Whistler town, I was a little disappointed in what was there. Obviously a lot of work had been done for the Olympics, leaving it a little without... personality, would be the best way to describe it. But we did get to see the Olympic rings.
We decided not to venture up the cable car, as we couldn't actually see the top of the mountain due to clouds. But winding out way back to Vancouver, we stopped off everywhere that we could.
It truly was incredibly beautiful.